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About Raw Honey

Raw Honey can mean different things for different honey producers.

For most honey producers, Raw honey means honey that hasn't been artificially engineered - for example - no fillers, chemicals or nasties are added such as glucose syrups, inverted sugar solutions or corn, cane or beet syrup have been added. 

The problem with this definition however is that it doesn't take into account that honey which has been heat treated and filtered has also been stripped of its goodness - essentially leaving you with a honey like syrup which doesn't contain the same medicinal and nutritional benefit. 

For this reason here at Southern Forests Honey we define Raw Honey as honey which has come straight out of the hive and into a jar. It's not filtered, heat treated or tampered with in any way. 

This maintains the pollen and the enzymes which make honey so beneficial.


How do I know if my Honey is really Raw?

Despite some honey being labelled 'Raw' in Australia, it may have also been filtered or heat treated to remove the medicinal benefit. For this reason we recommend getting to know your honey producer their honey producing practises.

Every honey producer and bee keeper has different standards for what defines raw honey, which is why it's so imperative to do your research - particularity when purchasing medicinal grade honey.  


Why Raw Honey May Crystallise 

The process of crystallisation occurs naturally in all Raw Honey and it isn't honey going off! What's happening is that the glucose molecules are joining together to form a solid so the honey's texture and consistency becomes thicker.

This doesn't always happen with Raw honey however - just types of raw honey with higher natural levels of glucose like Wildflower honey blends. Honey with a higher natural level of Fructose such as Jarrah honey will not crystallise as easily if at all.