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 Food Service Thursday to and including Monday. 

Public Holidays Closed

Lets not get political, but due to certain guidelines we are unable economically to open on public holidays . We hope you understand and we look forward to serving you Thursdays to Normal Mondays in the future. 

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Keepers Kitchen Winter Menu
Roasted Chat Potatoes $8
Roast Chat Potatoes seasoned with herbs and rock salt – great dish to share, with your choice of mayonnaise or chilli sauce on the side.
Baked Brie $16 (GF)
Drizzled in honey and baked to a silky consistency, this is easy pickings. Comes with crisp broken Pita bread.
Mediterranean Roasted Veg $18 (GF)
Roasted veg, olives, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, seeds, and feta tossed with our house-made honey dressing.
Pumpkin Salad $16
Fresh leafy greens tossed with baked pumpkin, olive oil, pepitas, and our Chef’s range salad dressing.
Sticky Pork Belly Bites $18
Pieces of pork belly slow cooked coated in a rich sticky honey sauce topped with or without chilli, great with a schooner of our Mead Beer range.
Honey Soy Chicken Wings $18
Sweet and sticky is how this comes! Glorious wings covered in our favourite Chef’s range honey soy sauce - you can add a side of chilli if you dare!
Lamb with Roast Mediterranean Veg (GF) $28
Tender slow cooked lamb shoulder, with a melody of roasted veg, olives tomatoes, and feta, tossed with our house-made honey dressing.
Soft Tacos
Chicken $23 (GF)
Juicy chicken thigh cooked in rich Spanish sauce, leafy green, salsa and tzatziki
Greek Lamb $23 (GF)
18-hour slow cooked lamb, baby spinach, salsa, mint and tzatziki
Crudités’ $8
A plate of fresh sliced veggies and fruit to pick at, a great kid’s choice, comes with honey for dipping.
6 inch Hawaiian pizza $10
Ham, pineapple and cheese.
6 inch Cheese pizza $10
Napoli sauce base with Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese.